Diana Price is a sought-after public speaker for keynotes, corporate gatherings and sales/customer service team meetings. She can customize a presentation to your specific event theme or tailor the presentation of one of her popular speaking topics.
Sculpting the Desire to Serve
How do you instill a heightened desire to serve from the customer’s perspective? How do you feed your mind and program your service mentality? You will learn to fire up your team’s desire so the flame never burns out.
Game Changing Leadership Strategies
In your journey to reaching Spicy Leadership Interactions, there are times when you may blindly approach leadership and fail to understand all the instrumentation needed to navigate your plan. Business is too important for leaders to comfortably fly on auto-pilot or to not see clearly where you’re headed. Learn how to get out of the blind comfort zone and connect with your customers and your team with spice and flavor.
Service in the Spotlight
It’s show time and that means everything you do must create a memorable experience for your customers. An exceptional service experience needs a foundation, ongoing education, and a strong understanding of how and why you serve others. By spotlighting your unique service culture and service mentality, everything you believe and are committed to will shine through even more brightly.
Customer Service is Like Dating
Customer service is similar to dating in so many ways. Some dates go well and some fall short. You do all you can to impress, to connect and to build a committed relationship that leads to a future together. But it’s about keeping the magic alive. Keep your customer engaged and understand the key points of interaction in the service relationship.
Designing a Service-Driven Culture
Your customers are the core of your business. And an exceptional customer experience is what will keep that core strong. Learn what defines your culture and what it takes to maintain a sustainable and referable service culture.
What if the “Need Service” Light Comes On
How often do you reach your limit and get dangerously close to running out of gas? In business, so many of us push too far. We don’t pay close enough attention to the relationships with our customers and our employees … and before we know it, the gauge reaches a critical point and the “Need Service” light stays on.