Customer Service Culture Sculpting

Customer Experience Positioning
Done right, customer service is not just another corporate cost center – it’s the foundation for a company’s ongoing success. Learn how to create uncompromising customer engagements and, in the process, get a better understanding of how to use the service experience to monetize crucial customer interactions.
Leadership Positioning
Where does respect for the customer live in your organization? It’s starts with the company’s mission, vision and the attitude of its leadership. Learn how a service-driven culture can be awakened from the top down by defining who you are, facing your challenges, declaring your aspirations and taking the actions necessary to make everyone in your company the customer service leaders they need to be.
Service Intentions to Reality
Being exceptional starts with being “unreasonable” – always expecting more, moving beyond the ordinary, expanding beyond what you believe is your maximum capacity, and only being comfortable when you’re out of your comfort zone. Now is the time to start planting the seeds to the extraordinary service future you envision, as an individual and as a team. And it all starts with courage, discipline and a plan of action.
Aligning Sales and Service Teams
Customer service is a group endeavor. We’ll work with you to leverage the individual strengths of your sales and service teams and unleash the power of aligning these two incredible forces in your organization.
Connecting With Customers
Take your customer service off auto pilot and instead have real conversations that generate lifelong customer relationships. It’s about consistent interaction. Learn how to identify what matters most to your customer and make every communication at every point of interaction unforgettable.
Comprehensive Organizational Assessment
Great organizations understand that the culture of leadership is changing. To be effective a new mindset focused on collaborating, learning, adapting, leading and growing requires the collective abilities of teams within the organization working in partnership. Choosing the right leadership culture is the key to a successful outcome. 

Service Assessment
Our assessment approach includes interviews with key executives and service leaders in your company, site visits with customers, service method observations, and best practice evaluation and comparison to align your processes. We’ll work with you to reset your service direction, and improve operational efficiency and service performance, all while lifting customer satisfaction to new heights.
Customer Service and Profitability
Learn how to design your business from the customers’ viewpoint and how to consistently create an exceptional customer experience that will drive loyalty and profits.
Stakeholder Relations
We develop engagement strategies and execute outreach to highly targeted groups of influencers. Our capabilities include:

  • Managing special projects
  • Raising project awareness
  • Developing and maintaining effective relationships with media, businesses, associations and elected officials
  • Cultivate and oversee partnerships

Monetizing Workplace Realities 

Our 360-Degree Assessments, Employee Surveys, Coaching Services, and Management and Leadership Training ensure that everyone is performing at their best, and that teams stay connected and focused on impacting the business at the customer level.

  • Prep for Success
    Interview preparation is crucial. Learn the latest strategies to turn an interview into your next big opportunity.
  • Position Change Consulting
    The first few months in a new job can lay the foundation for your and your team’s future success. We’ll develop a transition plan and provide the coaching necessary to make sure the first 30-60-90 days set you on the right path.
  • Accountability Coaching
    Beyond the initial transition, accountability coaching will keep you and your team on track to deliver on your business objectives and service promises.

Managing Workplace Anxiety
With corporate reorganizations, mergers and tough economic times, work can be a place of high stress for employees. Learn to be aware of the signs of anxiety, and develop the tools required to manage and deal with it in order to keep yourself and your team moving forward.

Diversity and Inclusion
Our diversity services – including training, certification and compliance support – are focused on creating a culture of inclusion where all employees are able to contribute to the success of the company.

Workplace Harassment

Sexual harassment or workplace harassment is prohibited by law. Sexual harassment claims hurt productivity, morale and can harm your company’s reputation. Stop workplace harassment in your company before it starts. We train your team to recognize and prevent sexual harassment with our comprehensive signature training that includes: 

  • What sexual harassment is
  • What steps to take if harassment occurs
  • Prohibition against retaliation for reporting sexual harassment